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Hello, i would like to buy a licence for WebSite X5 Evolution 9 but i have 2 questions.First if I want to install one sample on Server 2008 with website sevices, would it be compatible? If I'm going to buy your product would it be possible to save the program to DVD or other devices from my local computer? With regards, Oskar Bolla

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Michele C.

Hello Oskar,

If you can have a full installation of the .NET framework 3.5 on your pc I guess it's ok, but to be sure you can try to install the demo version first (you can find the download link in our site

For the second question I'm not sure what do you mean? Once you buy the software you can download it from your profile page on answers whenever you want, hence you don't need to have a copy of it in DVD but if you want sure you can since it's only a .exe setup file.

Hope this helps

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