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Frank J.
Frank J.

Uploading regular images from weather camera  en

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I wish to upload images - every 15 minutes - from my weather camera giving allsky conditions.

I have a small comuter in the camera housing (Raspberry Pi) and I wish to programme this to send the imave via ftp.

My query is how to 'describe' the file such that Website X5 will recognise it and put it up live.

Thanks for your help


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Andre E
Andre E

I think a better way to look at this is to check the internet. A page in x5 that view's your site or page needs always to be updated manualy, so it's not the best solution.

Some coding in html might be better for x5, but I realy think that on the internet there is more knowladge about the rasparrypi then here regarding camera options.

Does the manufactorer does not deliver some software with the cam? They usually do

Check here:

Best regards

PS take care of very good cooling for the raspbarypi, they tend to overheat fast, especially if they are contunues on power.

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