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Rohit H.
Rohit H.

Loading Shopping Cart - Specific Category and Sub - Category in Web Site  en

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I would like to implement my Site with following facilities using Incomedia Website X5, ver. 12

1) Shopping Cart with Specific Category to open in Tab format.

When I click on a particular tab it should show that category and under that catergory if I have any sub catergories it should show them too and same way when I click on those sub- category it  should display those in a frame or below tab those categories or sub categories.

It should bring those products from the shopping cart and display the same.

it would be great if those products gets displayed in only row format only, when some one see it on deskop and when on mobile it be in column formate and not in rows and columns both.

i know that when we build a page  and attach shopping cart it displays the items which we select in row and column pre defined format.

It is possible with Incomedia X5, ver 12 at  all or with any other ver.?

please let me know, thanks

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John S.
John S.

Hello Rohit

If you want to group products, you have to use pages and the menu structure.

Example : You could make a sub-site where you have menus as :

Hand tools

Electric tools

Building materials

And then under Hand tools you could have a menu ( to the left ) showing:

Tools for wood work

Tools for car repair

Tools for metal

when you click on one of the items a page will show with the products under that sub-category

You can have the products in one column, or in two columns or more - as you wish.

You can search products.

You should be able to do this in ver. 12  - and you have the benefit that in ver 12 the menu to the left is automatically created when you make the menu and the sub-level for a menu.

See the structure here on this site for a calendar. It is made with ver. 12.

You start here in functions :

Now - imagine that every page you see is a page with products. The pages are with text and so, but the content of the pages, could as well have been products.

Hope you see what I try to tell.

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