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Karel U.
Karel U.

When importing from Version 9 to Version 17, the original template was lost  en

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I created the website in the "Website X5 evolution in 9" version. When you migrated to version 17, after importing the project and running version 17, the original template or menu did not appear. Why can not I import everything to go where it ended in the lower version?

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Andre E
Andre E

There has been a lot of changes over these version, all for the better.

One includes the handling / format and t be able to make responsive templates.

This was al not needed and possible in v9, because of this a lot of templates needed to be replaced, but also updated to newer standards.

If you want you can still use pictures and create a similair site. But like all things, and also for viewers it is nice to see that there has been worked and developement. So something new after manu years I see as positive.

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