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Ron B.
Ron B.

Images not linking from thumbnails in V19  en

Autor: Ron B.
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I have a camera club website  I have had to revert to an older version created with Website X5 V17.  That's the version currently in use.

I recently tried updating the website with V19 2019.2.7 (64 bit) and it looks fine in preview.

However, when the site is uploaded to the internet, some images no longer display.  For example, the most obviosu one to me is that the image on the home page doesn't appear.  However, further testing shows that clicking on any thumbnail in any of the galleries or other pages does not bring up the larger image as it does in V17 (and earlier).  I suspected the larger images weren't being uploaded by Website X5  so I tried uploading the larger images to the website using FileZilla but that didn't work, either.

Another thing that doesn't work if the V19 version is uploaded is the display of linked PDF files, e.g., see under Programme->Club Programme click here.

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Ron,

In version 2019.2.7 hold down the CTRL key whilst entering the Preview mode.

Then reupload your site to the server in Step 5, choosing the option to upload ALL files.

Clear your browser cache, or reload the newly uploaded site in your browser by holding down the CTRL key whilst pressing F5.

Does your site now display as it should?

Kind regards,


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Ron B.
Ron B.

That seems to have worked.  Thank you.


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