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Adrian B.
Adrian B.

Error while loading my project  en

Autor: Adrian B.
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I keep getting an error while loading my project.

The message says [There is an error in XML document (1898,3441).]

My project was working fine until i updated to the latest version of website X5.....please help!

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Adrian,

In the past some others with this issue have had success by restoring from a backup.  If you read through the following threads then you will get an idea of what techniques you can try to recover your project:

There is an error in XML document

Alternatively, if you have a recent IWZIP file (which is the file WebSite X5 creates when you 'Export the Project' in Step 5), then you can import this back into WebSite X5 at the Project Selection screen using the Import button on the right-hand side.

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