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Frank J.
Frank J.

Verion 16 shutting down  en

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I am now having shutting down problem with Version 16.3.1 (64bit)

Whenever I add content or make changes I usually check the how the webpage looks before uploading. So after making the changes I click the 'eye' to show the webpage. Then if I close the webpage X5 shuts down.

Then when I restart X5 it tells me that the application is 'did not close down correctly or is still open'. Then when I go to the content the new stuff has not been included.

When I go through these steps again, but this time clicking the 'tick' before clicking the 'eye' to check webpage, X5 shuts down.

However this time when I restart X5, it again gives the same message but this time the revised content has been saved.

This is very frustrating. Can you help?


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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Frank,

Does the same happen if you add WebSite X5 as an exception to your antivirus software, or alternatively if you temporarily disable or bypass any antivirus/firewall installed in your system?

Kind regards,


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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.
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  1. Try updating .NET Framework.
  2. If there are empty cells on the site page, then place an empty text object in them.
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