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Michael Casey
Michael Casey

Missing Credits  en

Autor: Michael Casey
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Purchased 85 Credits, and used 79 by activating the following:

Catalog Viewer 24 credits - Separator 14 credits - Textillate 12 credits - Animated Image 16 credits, and lastly Poll 13 credits. Total credits used 79

My balance for credits shows ZERO when I should have 6 remaining.

I was about to top up by buying more credits, but when I saw the discrepency, I did not.

Please resolve this matter.


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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello Michael,

This is a matter (like your previous issue) which can only be dealt with by the Incomedia support staff, so once again your patience would be appreciated whilst waiting for their reply (typically 24/48 hours).

Please continue to monitor the thread like before.  I've requested further help on your behalf.

Kind regards,


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