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Dimitrios S.
Dimitrios S.

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Autor: Dimitrios S.
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We want to create an online shopping cart for our products with multiple options. We found a great example at the page:

We want more or less the same thing. Instead of the categories of the example, we will need several Currencies, Transport Costs depending on country, Bottle Size, Polyphenols contained, Units dispatched etc. Maybe a few more (or other) options, we will decide while creating. 

Any ideas? Thank you guys so much once again.


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Sinisa B.
Sinisa B.

@ Dimitrios

We the users - have had many advice & requests regarding the upgrading of the e-commerce part.

Many of them are right alongside with your requests.

The eCommerce section is in the testing phase right now - and we'll have to wait and see if it would contain some of your requests.

I do not think so - but let's wait a bit.

Regarding all this pandemic situation - I do not think that this new version will be available soon...

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Stefano G.

Hello Dimitrios

The example you posted here is very interesting.

As Sinisa mentioned, an upgrade to the e-commerce section of the software is on its way and it will expand the number of functionalities currently present.

That being said, I am afraid that achieving something quite like what you've shown there will still not be possible.

The page you've shown is built in a custom way to accommodate the type of product specifications. In order to have something like this built for the products you intend to sell specifically, you would need to contact a professional to have additional custom code added to your website.

In any case, I suggest you wait for the next version to come out and give the Demo version a try. Perhaps you will find that the tools already present in the software are enough for the e-commerce you have in mind

Thank you


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