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Giuseppe N.
Giuseppe N.

Problem with email address client in webshop  en

Autor: Giuseppe N.
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Hi, i encounter the following problem.

If a client fills in the contactform than i can reply immediately after receiving it because the mail is sent with the contact his email address. (see picture 1)

But when a client places an order in the shop then i can't reply the mail whithout typing the client his email address manually (see picture 2).

Can somebody help me out with it?

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Stefano G.

Hello Giuseppe

As of now, this is unfortunately not possible

The software will only send a confirmation email with the admin's email to your email folder and cannot send it with the email of the user

This can be achieved with the Contact Form only as you already witnessed.

At the moment, I'm afraid this will not be doable and you will have to manually respond to email of your customers

I remain available should you have other questions

Thank you


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