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for big job with a massive catalog

I get this error messages about fonts that YOU put in, The font used came with a free template so that font is broken. "You" put broken fonts into the template. I didn't do that, incomedia did.

and even with no errors your program is still looking for your broken fonts.

and even though I check the Project analysis there are no errors!

My solution was to save the the project after only adding a couple of elements I have to save on preview then save again then shutdown then on shutdown it asks me to save it again then reopen the program to verify the elements I added before program shutdown are still there and it works. this software is flimsy af and only works if you close to have to save what you did then reopen this monster.

and i'm running 128Gigs of ram, I have never in my life worked with such faulty software.

You could have programmed auto save after 5 minutes but you didn't, but you'll prolly did it on purpose so people buy your updates, I'm not your test human so you can sell software then use our frustration on creating updates from problems you created when writing it.

You made software that constantly saves over files to get updated something is gonna break.

If I save it once ytf am I saving again then shutting down the software to make sure it's saved?

I call BS

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Please advise which template and from which version of WX5

I doubt very much that Calibri came with any templates (but I could be wrong) given that it was a Microsoft Font delivered with Office 2007, on the face of it I suggest that this font was part of a doc or docx file copied and pasted into your project.

None the less, if you download the font (it may be free from some sources) and embed it then WX5 will not need to substitute it with the default font ( Sadly it is not a google font.

There is no need to save at every preview, by default this is done for you

There is no need to shut down! I assume you are having trouble seeing updated changes in the preview, if this is the case simply hold down the CTRL key when you select preview. This will flush the preview cache and force a full regeneration of every page (this can be time consuming with large projects) so the preview is correct.

I agree that it is annoying that you can click save and then if the next step is close you still get prompted to save project, this inconvenience has been there a couple of years.

Given that you are so vocal about the failings of this software, please confirm that you regularly take the pre-emptive step of creating an iwzip file (step 5, export project). These can be renamed at time of creation so you have fall backs. If you are relying on save and the built in backup you will one day lose your project.

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