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I was wondering,with proffesional edition;

for example; one of my users/inspectors will enter empty container numbers and details from one page, and will be delivered to lets say Loading1 database

and another inspector from another page; will call the Loading1 from database and will enter the rest of the details or will choose loading situation as loaded adn some other changes and then he will submit it as a form/email

is that possible?

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Stefano G.

Hi Sezai.

I'm afraid that this would currently not being possible with the default software's capabilities.

You could get a user to insert data into a Database by making use of the Contact Form, which can be set as to send data to a Database instead that through Email.

Additionally, with the Database Viewer object, one could check all the content of the specific Database table.

Unfortunately though, it is not possible to retrieve the data inserted by the other user and apply edits to that. For this, you would need specific additional custom code which cannot be provided by the Staff but will have to be built ad hoc from a professional

Let me know if I can provide any more information on this

Thank you


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John S.
John S.

Hello Sezai

You could use a Mysql database.

In here you could have a table1 where Inspector1 could create entries. Both Inspector1 and inspector2 can view this table, but only inspector1 can create entries.

You then have a child-table ( table2)to this table. Only inspector2 can create entries here, but both inspectors can view the table.

For every entry in table1 there can be one or more entries in table2.

You can set the priviliges so that only logged-in persons can see the entries.

You could also let public be able to see and search the entries, but only be allowed to view.

As this is not something that X5 is able to, I suggest you try to use the contact-form here :   if you are interested, and want to give some more information about what a solution should be able to - then we could see if I can suggest something useful for you.

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