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greg carlson
greg carlson

Update seemed to break paypal  en

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I updated x5 pro to 2020.1.8 and now I get "generic error" message when using Pay Pal. I like this software but everytime it gets updated I find myself having to rebuild, reconstruct and repair ALL of my sites. It seems to make more work than nessisary for me. I maintain an e-commerse site and the customers cannot place an order and paypal gives an error.

please help or ( I think you know its broken ) at least fix it. 


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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello Greg,

Is this a separate issue to what you've already described in your other thread?

WebSite X5 is only one part of the equation.  The software has to work in partnership with that on the server.  When one is updated, quite often the other must (of necessity) be too.

There have been important changes to server requirements with the release of 2020.1  -  these are documented here:

As you have the Pro version of WebSite X5 you'll be able to use the online control panel to verify whether or not your server meets the new requirements without reconfiguration:

WebSite X5 online control panel

Once you have logged in go to the 'Website Test' section.

Kind regards,


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