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Ionescu C.

How to smaller in size icons/pictures for mobile view  en

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I have a question regarding the auto resize of the pictures from Desktop to Mobile view.

I have a social section where the icons are displayed accordingly, in size.

When switching to mobile view the size of the icon it doesn't change.

Desktop view:

Mobile view:

It changes the display order, but I would like to have a smalles size of the social icons as well.

In the Margin section and Style for the mentioned content cell I have change the values and with no luck.

If I change to 1 cell instead of 2 (how it is present), the social icons will be smaller for Desktop View.

Any ideas?



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Andreas S.
Andreas S.

If the original file is also 30px x 30px, then it will not be enlarged!
But if the original file is 100px x 100px and is scaled down side by side in the desktop page, then the graphic is enlarged to the original size.

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