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Wolfgang E. P.
Wolfgang E. P.

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Autor: Wolfgang E. P.
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Hi all,
unfortunately I don't find an answer within the community but maybe my search keywords don't express what I mean.

1. I wanna make the product catalogue (=all articles on sale) accessible via the page for an admin (in my case a responsible person of the online shop owner) without using WSX5. This admin should do the maintenance of the product range. 

2. Is there an implemented object available to do this (could not find an object in the marketplace) or do I have to code it by myself. Ok. can manage but just needs time.

In case I've not looked carefully enough through the community please excuse my impatience.
Regards and thanks in advance. WEP.

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Andreas S.
Andreas S.
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Nein, dies ist in WSX5 nicht möglich!

Dazu wird ein serverseitiger "echtes" Onlineshopsystem benötigt. Wo man sich wie Wordpress oder Joomla anmelden muss und die Änderungen durchführt.

WSX5 ist ein lokales Programm und es können nur lokal am PC mit dem Programm Veränderungen

durchgeführt werden.

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