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Gevorg Mkhitayan

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Author: Gevorg Mkhitayan
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Now I work on a souvenirs website I have created four projects of the same site with different languages and currencies: Armenian Dram, Russian Ruble, US Dollars and Euro in different sub-domains. Three of them were created from the first project after project export and import, therefore the same product in shopping carts has the same ID. When I add a product to the cart and then switch between currencies, everything works well and shopping cart shows the same product in different currencies. But when I separately create a new product with the same details in these projects, this doesn't work, as the products have different id-s.

You can see the examples in the following pages:

With the second product everything is OK, as it comes from the same project. But the first one, which I added as an exapmle doesn't work. CSV export and import doesn't help.

Could you please tell me is there a way to separately create a product in these four projects with the same ID or how can I change it. The website will have a lot of pages and it will not be possible to import projects and translate everything again.

Thanks in advance.

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Claudio D.

Hello Gevorg,

Every project creates his own products IDs and these are always random. The only way to have the same ID is at the end to duplicate the project from which you will make the other translated projects.

There is no way to make them generate the same ID.

Many thanks!

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