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Gevorg Mkhitayan

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Author: Gevorg Mkhitayan
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Dear Incomedia

Thank you for a good program. It satisfy my all needs except shopping cart, which is low functional.

My first suggestion for now is to have product name with link. It is possible to add a link in product only using image. For website visitors it is difficult to find out that the product description "is hidden" under the image. That's why I have created additional frame to attract the attention of website visitors like here: . But for a big site this takes a lot of time.

The second one is to give users to select more currencies, as the price of product depends on currencies exchange rate.

The third suggestion is to export product list in .csv format with image path. This is needed to use product list in different projects which can include the same products. Atherwise after importing the same product list from one project to another it's needed to add images again. Also takes a lot of time.

Hope you will take this into your consideration. I like Website X5 and do not want to use other software. This and other functions in shopping cart would be appreciated.

Best regards

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Claudio D.

Hello Gevorg,

Thank you very much for your suggestions. We will take them in consideration for the future releases of the program.

Many thanks!

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