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Vanda C.

Issues with update Website X 5 Pro  en

Author: Vanda C.
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I am back again with another problem :

After install the latest update in Website X 5 Pro, new problems appears again with my disappointment.
Website X 5 starts to work slower, sometimes does not load the pictures on the page, title of my website appears inside the template !
I uninstalled the program, download full latest version from my profile, but the issues persists in my two PCs.
Turn back in one of my PC to through system restore and to my surprise the problems disappeared and I can work on my project without any issues.

What do you think can be fix this ?

Upload my video to Youtube where you can see the errors on my pages :


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Claudio D.

Hello Vanda,

I already answered you at you can follow that post to find the solution.
I ask you kindly to open only one post for question: It’s better for you, because you need to follow less posts, and also for the community, that can use better the internal search engine.

Many thanks!

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