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Anna D.

How to create rent a car reservation website in websitex5 Prof 13?  en

Author: Anna D.
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I want to make a reservation sistem for car rentals, but without payment.

With an on-line booking form and 20 types of cars.

The booking form will contain: location, date, hour and the button "SEARCH", than will apear all the 20 products / cars, tha client will choose one, than will apear Number of his reservation and all the information of it, but No payment.

Can I use the shopping cart, create there 20 cars - like products, but how will integrate them with the on-line form engine ?

Please if you can provide me other solution.

I use WebsiteX5 Profesional 13

This is an example of the website I want to create:

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Claudio D.

Hello Anna,

At the moment it is not possible to have this feature in WebSite X5. I would like to suggest that you open an "Idea" Post where you describe to us the feature you would like to see implemented in the future releases of WebSite X5.
If you find a custom code to get this feature, this code can be added in WebSite X5 with the HTML code object in step 4. In this way, if you find scripts that suit your needs, you can easily use them inside the Software. Also if I cannot give support to third party custom code, I can explain you how to add it in WebSite X5.

Many thanks!

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