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It seems that when i have a problem, it's always with the PDF docs I have to insert in our website.

Now, I use the type "Google Viewer" and it's great. However locally on my computer, sometimes I have a preview and sometime not. On the same page, I have 4 PDF docs, 3 of them I can preview locally, and for the 4th I just see a message "No Preview available".

Same encoding, same type of document.

Does anybody have an idea of what's happening? Thanks.

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 ‪ KolAsim ‪ ‪
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With GoogleDocsViewer the PDF file must be in NETWORK ...
... if so, post the LINK of the page in question.

(IT) - Con GoogleDocsViewer il file PDF deve trovarsi in RETE...
... nel caso, posta il LINK della pagina in questione.




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