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The Level Menu is missing the stlye possibilities for "Current Page".
The settings from the main menu are taken what is not good in a lot of cases.

I.e.: Main Menu settings for Button Text are Center / Bold for the Current Page. In the Level Menu I want everyhing Left aligned what works fine for the normal menu items. As soon as the active page is one of the level menu items it is then shown Center & Bold (settings from the main menu).

I attach an example where the active page is "Specials" and should be in line with the other levelmenu items (align left) but is centered as the main menu settings are that way.
Instead I would like to have the "Specials" current page menu item left aligned.

The workaround to have the main menu items left aligned too is not what I want and to fiddle with own css settings for the items is not intended either.



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Dieter D.
Dieter D.

Ah, missed that one. Thanks, Georg!

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