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Prizzella K.
Prizzella K.

Creating hyperlink from text on homepage to text on another page  en

Author: Prizzella K.
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Good day

I would like to know how to link text in homepage to text on other page.

I would like to make a list on homepage and when you click on a word it goes to a paragraph on another page

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..


On the page with the paragraph, put each paragraph in it's own cell.

Highlight the cell you wish to jump to and click on the anchor icon up the top, give the cell a meaningful (anchor)name.

Now back on the home page, create your link as normal, select website page and select the anchor

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Elisa B.

Hi there!

As Esahc correctly suggested, you can use anchors to achieve the wished result. 

Please remember that on Step 3 you need to creare Levels instead of Pages. For example, you create a page with two Text Objects, each one having its own anchor, whose names are Text1 and Text2. 

On Step 3, you will need to create 2 Levels, namely Level to Text1 and Level to Text2. Please select Level to Text1, click on "Properties" and place a link. Choose the option WebSite Page>Internal Page Anchor  and select Text1. Then, select Level to Text2, click on "Properties", place a link to WebSite Page>Internal Page Anchor  and select Text2.

In this way, by clicking on the level in your menu you will be redirected to the correct paragraph. 

Please let me know if I can be of further help. Kind regards.

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