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John M.

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Author: John M.
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I am having trouble with Google Adwords and integration of script snippets for individual pages on your platform.  Specifically, you can add the Google global site tag to all the pages, however the Google script snippets for individual pages show up in the wrong order so they are not being recognized by Google to complete the conversion. Any advice?  Thanks.  

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Stefano G.

Hi John.

Since this matter involves use of custom code, the Staff is unable to provide support for it should the code not be working in the correct way.

You should be able to add specific code to a specific page easily though.

Either at Step 3 -> Page Properties -> Expert section tab, or through whatever HTML Object in a specific page.

This way, you can paste specific code in a specific page and not in all of them

Try this out and let me know if it helped

Thank you


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