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John F.
John F.

V11 Pro horizontal menu does not import into V2019 Pro  en

Author: John F.
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This is a multi-hundred acre luxury development in Phoenix, AZ.

Most residents are elderly and do not recognize a 3 bar menu.

See attachments.

Thanks in advance!

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

John, with 2019 the menu is an object that can be placed anywhere (if you prefer you can also place it on the page or even the footer) at any size and will automatically display the toaster menu if the size available is too small to fit all the buttons.

To resolve your issue you can make the header deep enough to accomodate the menu (step 2 template structure) and then in step2 template content you can drag the menu object wide and deep enough to accomodate 3x3 menu buttons. When you have dragged to object big enough the menu buttons will appear and the toaster bars will disappear.

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