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Pawan K.

How can i setup a contact form popup on landing page  en

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Dear Support Member,

I am a loyal user of website x5 currently am using x5 19 . I have created a website

am running adwords too . I want to setup a contact form pop up on my website page .whenever any user login to website a pop up should be their to ask him his /her contact detail .I will really appriciate if its possible it will really add a value in my business .Looking for the positive support.

Best Regards,

Pawan Gilhotra 


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Pawan K.
Pawan K.

Dear Incomedia Support Team,

Would Request you to help me on this 

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Stefano G.

Hi Pawan

By "login to your website" do you mean that you've actually implemented a restricted access where a user should be prompt to leave more details once he logs in or do you mean whenever a user visits your website?

In the first case, it might be easy to achieve this by creating a dedicated page with only a form for sending information. You can tell the login module to directly send a user there once he registers for the first time:

If you would like to obtain data from whatever user instead, it could be more complicated. If you wish to display a popup to the user, you could make use of the Ad functionality you can find at Step 1, but it is unfortunately not possible to include a form there. You could add one through custom code but the Staff would not be able to offer support for it.

At this point, I believe that leading the user to a certain page with the form would be the best course of action and also the easiest to implement in your website

Let me know what you think

Thank you


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