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Paula R.

PopUP Registration form on a page  en

Author: Paula R.
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I am trying to make a popup on top of a page with a registration form  How do I do this

Just looking for Name email Phone

So when the person enters the page this popup would come up before they could see what is undernieith the form

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 ‪ KolAsim ‪ ‪

(It > En) ...!... consider that I am without a PC and therefore without the program...!...
... but !, or you adapt yourself, personalize the ▪Display the statement on website policies banner...
... or! ... according to me and my ideas, you would have two other ways to do it in an elegant way in EXTRA: one with the automatic showbow, and another with the DIV_CUSTOM ...
... in both cases you should put the contact form on an empty page, hidden, and without applying the graphic ...
... in the HOME page have the showbox open automatically, or the DIV_CUSTOM ...
... if you are interested in continuing, you must create the page with the contact form, as mentioned before, and post the LINK here, so that I can evaluate ...

... otherwise you have to wait for other suggestions from other experts and users ...



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