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Anders H.

Copy from old PC without backup  en

Author: Anders H.
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Ive had X5 evolution 11 installed on a pc in a domain. Now the domain has been corrupted and we need to copy the program on a new pc. we can not log into that old user account, but have acces to the files via administrator

The big problem is that we have not made a backup.

I have acces to all the user files on that PC but how do i transfer all the project to the new pc?

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Anders, you can download a new copy of WX5 Evo 11 here under your profile (top right) and select downloads, you will also see your license key is available.

Install Evo 11 onto your new hardware.

Now copy the Incomedia folder from the old domain/server and overwrite the Incomedia folder in the documents directory on your new hardware. All things being equal, all your projects should be available.

For future reference please visit step 5, export project and create an iwzip, if you do much work on the project rename them (perhaps add date to filename), each iwzip is a full backup including all required files that will enable restoration of the project to any hardware.

I recommend moving to the latest version of WX5, but please be aware that v11 cannot be imported directly to v2019, you will need assistance to upgrade to v14 or later as an interim measure.

Good luck

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