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Ron C.

New update not installing  en

Author: Ron C.
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Hi All,

I have recieved the New Updates V2020.1.7 on Website X5 Evo but not been able ti install them.

I have clicked the update now button and followed the process then it says.

"It was not possible to install files on your computer. Please verify that all programs are closed and restart the update."

I check and restarted the update but still the same message.

I restarted the computer and started the update from imUpdate.exe still goes throught the update process then the same message.

Any ideas?


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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Ron, I advised another user here but have had no response

I recommend you go to your profile (top right this page), download the latest version, restart your PC and install (your license number is also in your profile if required). If you are upgrading from 2019.3 please make a copy of your project when requested or at least create an iwzip before running v2020

After installing v2020, if you think you may need to run v2019 again then go back to your profile, download and install v2019.3 (this looks the same but is modified to co-exist with v2020)

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