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I can't receive e-mails sent from my website's e-mail form!  en

Author: Incomedia

This function highly depends on the server, and for this reason, if it doesn't work correctly, you need to contact your Provider.

You need to make sure that PHP5 is running and properly configured on the server. Infact, some providers, especially the free space offering ones, do not support the PHP execution.

Ifyour e-mail form does not work after you have tried the previous step, please proceed as follows:

  • WebSite X5 Evolution 9

- Open the program and select the item "Preferences" in step 0.

- Select the option "E-mail form script type". By default the "Standard Script" is used: if this script does not work, due to the configurations on the Server being used, try replacing it and enable the "Low-level Script" or "Low-quality Server Script" options.

  • WebSite X5 Evolution 8


In WebSite X5 Evolution 8 we added a file that can manage e-mail sending , deliberately left off the program so that it can be adapted according  your Provider needs.

The file we are talking about is called IMEMAIL.INC.PHP, you can find it in the RES subdirectory in the installation folder of the program and was written clearly in order to simplify any change.

The file IMEMAIL.INC.PHP has two methods in order to send emails:
- the first one uses the MAIL command with the addition of the SendMail option;
- the second one, on the other hand, uses only the MAIL command (classic method, already used in version 7).

If the first method fails and the error returns appears again, then the PHP script tries to use the second method.

If the e-mails are still not sent, you need to:
- Verify that the PHP is supported by your server;
- Check that your Provider supports the Mail command to send the e-mails;
- Check with your Provider that the parameters within the file IMEMAIL.INC.PHP are correct according to the server settings.

If the Provider, analyzing the file IMEMAIL.INC.PHP, requires changes of some parameters, you only have to make these adjustments to the file IMEMAIL.INC.PHP that you can find on your PC so that WebSite X5 can edit and use it in order to send e-mails.


We have created a variant of the file that can run on some servers that use a mail server of low quality and that interpret the PHP code in the wrong way.
It is possible to test this solution by downloading the IMEMAIL.INC.PHP file and unzipping it to overwrite the original one:

In order to solve the problem, if you couldn't solve it yet an if you couldn't get assistance from your own web space Provider, you can use this alternative of IMEMAIL.INC.PHP that sends messages as only text, that is what happened with version 7. Obviously you can't neither get the message formatted in HTML nor use the attachments:

In both cases please export the project again.
If you want to learn more about this topic, we recommend the following page from the php manual

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