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Fermin Chong Wong
Fermin Chong Wong

How to integrante my website with a pagadito platform  es

Author: Fermin Chong Wong
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I have a website:

it belongs to an non-for profit health organization: CRICOL Its budget is financed by donations from different institutions and persons in Honduras. Most of the donators are Honduras persons, some of them live outside of Honduras (USA, etc.). CRICOL wants to use the following platform: PAGADITO to receive donations from different persons (using Debit/Credit Card).

I do not know how to integrante my website with PAGADITO platform.

I contacted them and they replied to contact Website X5 with the following documentation link.

Documentación webservice Pagadito:

This is another link provided by the one in Cricol who opened the account in PAGADITO.

This is a website from an organization in El Salvador, the receive donation form PAGADITO

CRICOL wants something similar to that organization website.

Please help me. I don't know what to do.

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Stefano G.

Hello Fermin

Since this issue concerns the implementation of custom codes, the Staff cannot, unfortunately, provide support for it. However, I will leave the topic open, so that other users might stop by and help you out with this

I'm really sorry about not being able to provide more help with this matter

Thank you for your understanding


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