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How to make a Video in background responsive  en

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Thanks for all the help I am getting:

1. I am trying to set as a video in background (to appear at the top of homepge). I have done it successfully but then how to make it responsive (resize on mobile or tablet)? 

2. pse visit you will see two videos 1- that plays at top is a youtube link of same video that plays as responsive on all devices, the below one is one I have set as video background but does not resize on mobile -----feeling sad

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(It > En) ... ... in your link the videos have not(!) been inserted as the background of the line, to be extended to the full width of the line ..
... however, if the video is inserted as the background of the row, it will already be responsive, according to the CSS COVER mode ...
... if instead you are interested in the background video always of the row, but in rational elastic mode, you must follow my suggestions that you find in this Topic:
Hello, ciao

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