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How to install the Windows Media Player plugin in your browser or the WebSite X5 v10 internal preview  en

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How to install the Windows Media Player plugin in your browser or the WebSite X5 internal preview:

WebSite X5 v10 uses a lightweight version of the Google Chrome browser to render its internal preview.  This lighter version (called Chromium) is distinct and independent of your main browser, and as a result you will need to install the necessary plugin to the X5 preview browser, even if you have already installed it within your main browser.

The need for plugins is greatly minimized if you use MP4 file format.  WMV format will require use of a plugin.

You can source the Windows Media Player plugin here:

Follow the instuctions for Windows and save the file to a convenient location of your choice  -  it is called wmpChrome.crx

Once downloaded, extract the contents of the file by using a suitable program, e.g. 7-zip

You should now have a folder called wmpChrome with 8 items inside it, one of which is the plugin itself...  np-mswmp.dll

You need to move this file into the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\WebSite X5 v10 - Evolution\Extensions (if using Windows 64-bit operating system)


C:\Program Files\WebSite X5 v10 - Evolution\Extensions (if using a Windows 32-bit operating system)

Make sure WebSite X5 is closed whilst doing this.

If you have difficulty moving the file and/or creating the folder called 'Extensions' then make sure you have Administrative rights on your Windows user account, or change to an account which does have Administrative rights.

Once done restart WebSite X5 and visit the following link in the preview browser:

You should see a short video which will confirm that the plugin has been successfully installed.

If you also need to install the plugin in your main browser then you can use the same link:

However, the procedure is slightly different, and is as described on the page itself (you need to drag and drop the extension, etc.)

You may find the following thread useful as it deals with the same topic:

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Sydney M.
Sydney M.

What would this plugin be used for?

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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello Sydney,

The plugin may be required to work with video and audio files in the following formats:


It is recommended to avoid using these formats within a WebSite X5 project if at all possible.  As X5 produces HTML5 code it has full native support for the MP4/M4A formats, which are the preferred choice, and which avoid the need to use plugins to render the media.

Hope this makes things clearer...  you can see the help file for full details:

Best regards,


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