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Laurie T.

Main menu buttons not displayed correctly  en

Author: Laurie T.
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Main menu buttons not displayed correctly: I am using Evo 8 for this website (also have Evo9). I transferred website from my old pC to a new PC: OS 7, 64 bit. Website tests correctly on my PC, however when uploaded two menu buttons show only upper 50%, but change to correct full button on mouse over (only). Remaining buttons OK. Upload seems OK, I have tried changing buttons details and re-uploading with no improvement. One clue: following successful upload I get a message something like "cannot display file details in server" By the way, Vodafone have just changed my plan re data cap. The long running website is Any ideas would be much appreciated. Mike (Pellmell)

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Andre E
Andre E


First of all I will suggest to take your project to V9, V8 will stop working after a wile because you bought an upgrade !

I think the problem will not be there in V9 as well.

Problems from V8 comes from Internet explorer 11.

Maybe this post can help you:

If you have internet explorer Version 11  installed (even if you don't use it)this can be the couse of your problems.

Deinstall or make use of a seperate ftp program, or in your case go to V9.

For details see the post mentioned.


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