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Laurie T.
Laurie T.

How to trasfer my template from Evo 8 to Evo 9?  en

Author: Laurie T.
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I need to transfer a website in evo 8 to evo 9. I can transfer OK everything except the original "Light Games" template, as in evo 9 although the name is the same, the template is totally different. Is there any way to use the original evo 8 Light Games template in evo 9?

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Andre E
Andre E


Yes there is, but unfortunatly it will take some doing....

Open your project,, choose custom template, Choose the same menu you had (hor or vert) now you need to select the complete template peace by peace from v8.

To do this: choose a page selection, for example page background, choose the image option, goto c:\program files\websitex5 v8 - evolution\models\light games\  yes and now .. ?

Did you have a hor or vert menu ? choose hor or vert ! now you see 4 coded maps, these are the 4 colours, goto the first check out if this is the right one if not check the other untill you find the right colour scheme. (mark that code on a paper, you need it again for the other options)

Now use all the graphics in the correct custum template options.

bg = background

content = page contents, you need to use the option vertical repeat on that one.

continue to add them all then see if some adjustements are needed.

I hope this helps you on your way, if not let me know where you need assistance.


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Laurie T.
Laurie T.

Many thanks for the trouble you have taken in your reply. I will work on this now. I have been looking for the template files in the wrong place ( or res) and couldn't find header, bg. etc. The clue is C;\program files etc.


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