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Frank F.
Frank F.

Activation Error: 322  en

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Activation Error: 322
ATTENTION: The Licence Key entered IS an upgrade from another program or an earlier version.
The account associated with your e-mail is not enabled to install this program.
Please contact our Support Center for more information.

I had EVO 13 GRP A... for which I was issued a refund and which I uninstalled.
I then purchased WebSite X5 Professional 13
The product key fails with the message above.

Please advise.

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Elisa B.

Hello Frank, 

I have modified the status of WebSite X5 Evolution 12 into active, please try again registering WebSite X5 Professional 13 using the e-mail ***, you should have no problems any longer now. 

Please keep me informed, I will be happy to help you further in case of need. 

Kind regards. 

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