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Roger L.

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I cannot use a video as a background for a page. Videos mixed in different formats. When previewing, I always get the message: "that the browser cannot play this video".
Are there any problems with this? I currently use EVO version 2019.2.5

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Roger,

Media files in WebSite X5 are handled according to the information in this help file article:

Recently there have been some changes to how the preview browser renders certain media files...  see the following thread for the discussion:

If you export your project online then your videos should play correctly, provided that they are encoded as per the requirements in the help file.

The Pro edition of WebSite X5 has an option which allows for previewing on a locally installed browser of your choice (as opposed to the built-in WebSite X5 preview browser)  -  if this option is chosen then the videos can be previewed before uploading to the server.

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