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Peter P.

Version 14 will not create folders for upload part II see Billy W.  en

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Billy asked:       version 14 will not create folders for upload, give "try back later" message

Answer Esahc:   Billy, using the built in FTP, have you tried removing the destination folder and then putting the destination in again including the / (eg /public_html)

I have the same problem,

when I tried to delete destinationfolder (httpdocs)  there we  a great lot of failures: connection error. Not possible to complete operation.  I repeated more than 15 times but the failures keep coming. see red lines in the attachment.

What to do??

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Peter, if your destination should be /httpdocs then that is what you should write in the destination field, on most linux hosts the destination is /public_html

In both cases you must include the "/" (in earlier versions of WX5 the / was optional because WX5 added it when missing)

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