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Good afternoon,

I have a question, what is the difference between website description and page description? I know it sounds obvious! but when are they both used in regards to seo. I understand and can see my page descriptions for each page in google when i search my site. When is website description used in google indexing? Is it important for seo?

Thanks for the advice,


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Gabriele C.
Gabriele C.

Hi  Andrew,

is described in the software user manual.

I think it's in a sense the same thing.

I bring back what described in the manual:

Step 1 - Settings:
WebSite Description: enter a short description of the website in this field.

Make sure the description is concise and to the point because it will be added to the <description> meta tag in the HTML code and analyzed by search engine spiders to include your website in search results.

This description will also be used in the Open Graph og:description tag.

Step 3 - Map > The Page Properties window :
Tag 'Description': the field where you’ll enter the description that will be inserted as the value of the Description meta tag in the Page's HTML code.

This text is generally used by Search Engines to create the snippets seen in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page): to be effective, it should be concise and meaningful.

For more information, wait an response of Incomedia team.

Hope to been helpful. Have a good day! :)

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Andre E
Andre E

google can redirect to pages as well, so if the search words for the people that typed in are usefull to your site and even more for a page, it will show the page to searcher instead of home page.

Have you read the help file for SEO optimization so you can make use of the best possible way for search engines?

Hope this helps, I see that Gabriele was faster then me and set about the same information.

BR Andre

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