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Full Upload despite a minor change in one page  en

Auteur : JULLIEN Marc
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Bonjour,  This message to share that since I have loaded the latest available version it happens that minor changes in one of my pages are trigging a "full updload"  instead to only upload the regarded update.

Description of the pb : : I have changed the content of a text box in one of my pages (to correct a miss spelling) then I have started the upload. The analisys part of the upload (green Bar) has taken a long time then the full upload has started instead to only upload  the new updated text of my page.

This is not the first time it happens I so have decided to submit an analisys because this is a true concern as my site needs "hours" to be uploaded (a full night). I'm so upset to loose such a long time for such a minor change.

Tks for your support, Rgds, Marc

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Stefano G.

Hi J. Marc

If I understand correctly, what you changed is just text inside a Text Object in a page completely separated by the rest. 

Could you attach a screenshot of such page? If you attempt this again now, can you confirm that if you change a single letter in that object and perform a new upload the whole website will be reuploaded again?

keep in mind that even very minor changes in some kind of setting can cause the website to re-upload almost completely.

Can you find a situation where this always happens systematically?

Please verify this again and keep me posted here

Thank you


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