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Olivier S.
Olivier S.

How to get to the blog in a multiple language site?  en

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Hi every X5 user,

I made a multi language site (fr/de)... But when I make a new article, the german version doesn't update the blog articles (The link doesn't refer to the actual blog)... Can someone help?

Thank you for a reply in de-fr-en

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.

Hello.Have you added a blog article for each language?Please provide the blog page address.

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Stefano G.

Hi Olivier

The software doesn't create actual links between pages of different projects even though they are supposed to represent the translation of the original website. You need to place links in your page that redirect you to the equivalent page in the other project.

In your case, you will need to create the same blog entry in the DE version of the website, and then place some kind of link inside both blog entries in order to allow the user to switch between the two

I hope I was helpful


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