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Sudden problems with version 2019.2.9. WebSite X5 Pro  en

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Sudden issues with WebSite X5 Pro version 2019.2.9.
I ask for technical support.
I work on the above version of the software. When you go to the site, I suddenly got to your page like this
Having tried to enter my login and password unsuccessfully, I went from this page. After that, WebSite X5 Pro software version 2019.2.9. ceased to work stably. When I enter my projects, I can’t edit my projects and many other problems have arisen, I can’t preview the page view, then I don’t scrub it, I had enough of these problems.
Please explain what could happen ???
How to fix it?
It is clear that a new software removal can probably fix it - but will all my working projects remain ???
Thanks for the urgent help.


I try to edit!

Trying to view this page!

Thanks for the urgent help.

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Valeriy  Khalif
Valeriy Khalif

Sorry - false alarm.
But then - now I understand how easy it is to disable software.
On your templates site, one of the templates was infected (I don’t remember some kind of virusum) my antivirus scolded and suggested blocking the local host. Without thinking, I blocked it - and got myself such a problem.

Such a simple problem, and suffered a number of problems in software WebSite X5 Pro

DON'T LET ANTI-VIRUS BLOCK the local host!

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