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Facebook plugin not working on Chrome or Firefox  en

Автор: A. Maxfield
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I am using Incomedia WebSite X5 Professional 16.3.1 and The Facebook plugin no longer appears on Google Chrome or Firefox.

However, it still appears to work on Edge, Internet Explorer, and even Safari.

Both Chrome and Firefox appear to be blocking the link in the plugin.

But in the other browsers, it appears to work

When I try the link directly in the browser I get the following error

Any ideas please?

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Stefano G.

Hi Maxfield

Is your website currently protected by SSL? Can you provide here the URL to it?

The error you're receiving seems to be related to that for some reason, although I'm not sure. From my Chrome/Firefox installation, I can click on your link and see the page just fine. Could it be that some kind of browser plugin or functionality is blocking this for you?

We are aware that Firefox's integrate anti-tracking functionality can block Facebook's plugin from working properly. Try and switch that off, and maybe it will start working again there.

Try this and let me know the result so that I might eventually investigate this further

Thank you


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