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New Object “Animation” and Import of WebAnimator projects  en

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With the update to version of WebSite X5 the Object “Flash Animation”, available since the earliest versions of WebSite X5, has significantly been redesigned and was renamed in "Animation".

The new Object “Animation” enables the selection of the animation type you want to import.

In addition to the animations made in Flash, also the ones created with the software WebAnimator can effortlessly be integrated into WebSite x5.

The options related to the import of Flash animations remain unchanged. In order to easily integrate animations realised with WebAnimator into WebSite X5, a corresponding file must be selected.  We have developed a new file format to improve the integration of both programs: Since version 2.2 of WebAnimator your animations can be exported in the format .wax5. The format is recognized by WebSite X5 and imported directly.

The update of the Object “Animation” does not only concern the content of the pages but also the graphic model: in the editor available in Desktop Template customization also the command “Insert Flash Animation” has been changed into “Insert Animation” offering the same functionality of the Object “Animation”.

Furthermore,  it is important to highlight that the the optional Object "WebAnimator" will continue to remain available in order to guarantee the compatibility of WebSite X5 and all former versions of WebAnimator 2.2.

The update of the Object “Animation” is another step to make the websites created with WebSite X5 completely responsive: while the Flash animations are generally known to be not supported on mobile devices, animations made in HTML5 with WebAnimator offer a full compatibility with all browsers and devices.

If you are already using WebAnimator, please update your license of WebAnimator for free to version 2.2.

If you do not already know the program WebAnimator and you want to create a Wow Factor website,  you can download and try the program for free for 14 days:

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