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Have you ever thought of using Google reCaptcha to protect your website?  en

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Every time we fill in a form on the Internet, before we can click on the "Send" button we have to copy the captcha, that string of confused and distorted characters that 's often incomprehensible.

The captcha's there to make sure we are really humans, and not robots that scan the web to send out spam. Captchas are a useful security measure, even though they're a bit annoying at times.

Google has come up with a way of simplifying things for us and has introduced the "No captcha reCaptcha": the level of protection is the same, but with reCaptcha, all we have to do is click to confirm we aren't a robot. Only if there is a possible risk, will we be asked to solve a simple problem.

Using Google's reCaptcha is one of the new features included in WebSite X5 version 12. It's extremely easy to add the reCaptcha to your website emails. First of all, go to the website and register to get your site key and your secret. Then, open your WebSite X5 project, go to Step 4 - Advanced Settings and open the Privacy and Security window: Select Google reCaptcha as the Captcha type in the Security section and then enter the parameters you are asked for and confirm.

When your website is published online, it will be protected against spam attacks and your users will be able to send their requests quicker.

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