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John M.
John M.

Unable to import  en

Author: John M.
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have exported my weite to hard drive , now im trying to import it gives me the attched error

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Andre E
Andre E

if you want to export your project, use step 5 export project. That file -project file- can be imported, but an exported website is only there so you have the source code of the website on your pc. You can upload that to your provider/webspace to get it online with an FTP program like filezilla, but you can also use step5 in x5 to upload your website to internet.

small tip

If you need help with the functions in x5, use F1 wherever you are in x5 and you will get help about section you are in.

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Claudio D.

Hello John,

Start a new project and try to uninstall masonry in step 1 in the object management section and then install it again and then try to import the project again.

Many thanks!

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