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Robert Shroyer

Program will not run - Check Fail error  en

Author: Robert Shroyer
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I have run into a probem in which none of my Website X5 versions will run. The only thing that is listed as an error is Check Fail.

Program will not launch and it fails when I try to re-install

Should I uninstall first and reinstall Pro 14?


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Esahc ..

Robert, if multiple versions of WX5 have suddenly stopped working, it sounds like software (or update), or hardware issue.

Did something happen to the PC before this happened (major crash, power failure, power brownout, windows update, new antivirus/firewall, etc).

What version of Windows are you using? If it is Windows 10, have you restarted recently? If Win10, have you checked to see if there was a recent update (perhaps 1709), if this is the case, does removing the update fix the problem.

You could visit control panel, programs and features and set the installed programs chronologically, now look to see if any programs where installed at or about the time WX5 stopped working, if this is the case you could uninstall.

If none of the above is any assistance, have you visited control panel, system, system restore? Is there a restore point available just before this issue occured?

Is any other functionality of Windows or other programs affected?

Please advise

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