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I am posting this IDEA into the community with hopes that the X5 Development team will read this and that this suggestion is possible to implement and may be done soon.

My suggestion is regarding the Discount / Coupon Code options.  I am suggesting the following:

1)  The ability to Create Multiple Discount Coupon Codes that apply to the Entire Cart Order that we can save, that we are also given the option as to whether to create a Time Frame for it to start and end, or to leave it as an indefinite code.

2)  The ability to Create special Discounts such as a "Buy x Get y Free" where we can decide a number for "x" and a number for "y".  This would then allow us to define "x" and "y" as needed for our customers, such as a "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" or a "Buy 4 Get 2 Free" or "Buy 1 Get 3 Free" and so on.  This would also have the option of whether we want a timeframe for it to start and finish, or no time frame.

3)  The ability to create either a Percentage discount or a Dollar amount discount for our code (example:  10% Off, 15% off... or $10.00 off full order, or $25.00 off full order when customer is purchasing $75.00 or more.

4)  An option that allows "Free Shipping" to be triggered, for those people who have eCommerce stores that they ship products to.

I am making this suggestion with regards to what I am experiencing with the Demo of X5, and how it seems that there are no options in X5 to create either of the two above.

Ironically, you have given the option to create a Timeframe and possible "multiple Discount Codes" for individual items.  However, the flaw to this, is that unless the person has the specific item in their cart, the discount will not apply.  This option is still good to have for those eCommerce stores that require a certain item to be added in order to receive a discount.  However, there should also be the option to add multiple discount codes at the Full Cart level at the end of checkout.

Most stores allow for this, and although the option would still only be for a customer to enter one coupon code at checkout, the ability for us as merchants to create multiple codes is very important.

For instance, I may create a regular Coupon Code that starts from mid April to end of April, such as SPRING10 which allows the customer to enter that code at their cart for a 10% Discount.

I then also create a Coupon Code that I have no expiration for, that members of my mailing list can use... we'll call that coupon MEMBER20, which would allow those customers I email to use the code at end of checkout to get 20% OFF of their order.

Also, as a promotional offer for a week, I promote a special 50% OFF offer via advertising, and I create the Coupon Code NEW50OFF to allow customers who see my ad, to get a 50% OFF their Full Cart order at the end of checkout.

Furthermore, I create one final code, 20BUCKS, which allows a customer who sees or has that discount code, to Save $20.00 OFF of their cart with a $75.00 total at the end of checkout... the coding must read that the cart has to contain $75.00 or more in order for the code 20BUCKS to work.

Do you see from the suggestion above, as to how multiple discount codes at the Full Cart Level can help us as merchants?  Your company actually created this option already but seems it is only within the Individual Product level in the "Product Settings" / "Discount" tab, whereas the option, along with setting dates and timeframes, should be available in the "Options" tab / "options" section where it says "Enable Coupon Code for the Order".  This option seems to currently only allow us to create one coupon code, but also does not allow us the option as to whether or not we want to add a timeframe that this coupon code will end.

I hope that this suggestion is really considered and implemented soon in an upcoming update, as I believe this would definitely help those of us who want to use X5 for merchant use, with better customer relations with offering various discount codes for our customers, as well as timeframes for each of them.

Thank you kindly for your assistance with this matter.

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