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Kim H.

Missing Site Menu after updating from Vers 9 to Vers 17  en

Author: Kim H.
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My original (and now active) homepage is created in WebSite X5 Evolution Vers 9.

I have now purchased Vers 17, and updated my homepage from Vers 9 to Vers 17.

It looks like everything is working fine on all pages, except from the missing menu’s (links to the different pages) to the left on the page. See attachment

I hope that somebody is able to assist with solving my problem with the missing menu’s.

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Esahc ..


In v16 & v17 this is now called the Side Bar.

First go to step 2 template, template structure and ensure that structure type is set to Header Footer and Left Side Bar

Now go to step 2 template, template content and make sure there is a menu object in there (it can be dagged by the handles to make it fit your sidebar) If you enlarge it vertically but get multiple columns, simply drag the object to make it narrower)

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