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Hi All

I have been trying to solve the Generic Error on my web page shop all day but with no luck, works on with email but not when I switch to The data base and not sure what is happening, have spoken with my web host who has looked and gave me the below response. Any help with what I am doing wrong will be much appriciated and how to fix the below.

I replicated the problem you mentioned, it is getting stuck on the "Your order is being sent" step. I am not sure how the application is working but it seems that the following script is running for too long and that is causing the timeout error:


Based on my checks that script is calling the following mysql connection "drt6hhz2". Inside that connection a Stats database is accessed which is not present on the server and that is why the script is timing out. I recommend you to check this case with your developer and to adjust the configuration file accordingly.

I have since switched back to Email ordering to allow me to receive orders.

Thank you in advance Simon

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Simon R.
Simon R.

Sorry seems I have stumbled across how to fix this my User ID did not have the right Privilages in my host so I have now corrected this only 12hrs after I started.

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