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Malcolm H.
Malcolm H.

Problem uploading to server  en

Author: Malcolm H.
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When I try to upload my website to the server I get a message - 'The selected server or destination folder does not match the website URL. Do you want to set it now?'   (Screen shot below)

If I click 'Yes' - it shows the information below - but when I then try to upload (without changing anything) I just get a repeat of the above message.

However, If I click 'No' it does upload correctly

Can you help please?



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Franz-Josef H.
Franz-Josef H.
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Since you want to transfer with sftp, you should assign an SSL certificate to the website. As far as I know there is a free one at strato. When it is activated, you have to enter your domain with https - for example - in step 5 'Export' select 'Export the website to the Internet' in the field 'URL of the website'. To apply the adjustment, you must then click on the preview button while holding down the Ctrl key and wait until the green progress bar has run through completely. Finally, upload the complete project.

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